11:56 PM

UK court orders Rewcastle-Brown pay £28,900 to Hadi

The High Court in London today ordered Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown to pay £28,900 (RM156,000) in legal costs to PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang tonight.

This followed interlocutory applications by Hadi, over his defamation suit against Rewcastle-Brown last year. The suit pertains to an article published by the website suggesting that PAS received RM90 million from Prime Minister Najib Razak.

11:52 PM

GE14 a test of Malay character, says Khalid Samad

PH's candidate for Shah Alam, Khalid Samad, has urged Malays to prove to the world that they have the moral character and strength to reject an unworthy and corrupt leadership. 

"This GE will be a test of the Malay character. The non-Malays have already rejected the corruption. The world is watching."

11:49 PM

Video: Dispute over party flags in Johor

A dispute arose tonight after an MCA supporter removed PKR flags which had been put up at a venue in Yong Peng, Johor.

DAP's Yong Peng candidate Chew Peck Choo said she had been informed of an incident at Yong Peng Street at about 8.30pm between BN and PH supporters. 

"It is a public space, which should be open for all to place their flags, and not private property. 

"We regret that this happened and urge supporters from both sides to remain calm and rational throughout the campaign period," she said.

11:45 PM

Tian Chua: I will support a non-BN candidate if I can't contest

Batu incumbent Tian Chua says he will endorse any of the three non-BN candidates contesting the parliamentary seat if his court appeal to stand in the May 9 polls is rejected. 

"I am not persuading anyone. I am not negotiating with anyone. 

"If they want our support, they must subscribe to the PH agenda," he told reporters after a ceramah. 

The Batu seat will see a fight between Gerakan's Dominic Lau, representing BN, PAS' Azhar Yahya and independent candidates P Prabakaran and V M Panjamothy.

11:38 PM

DAP has always fought for Sabah’s rights, says Guan Eng

DAP’s Lim Guan Eng has dismissed suggestions that the party is just another Malayan outfit, saying it has been fighting for Sabah’s rights in the Dewan Rakyat for the last five years.

He added that the party had always had the state’s best interests at heart, and would ensure that Sabah's rights under the Malaysia Agreement 1963 would be restored if given the mandate by the people.

"The BN government has said they would ‘consider’ it. But they end up not giving anything. Only PH can deliver what Sabah rightfully deserves," he said.

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11:33 PM

'Shah Alam residents not interested in 1MDB'

Former MTUC president Syed Shahir Mohamud says Shah Alam residents are not interested in issues like 1MDB or Prime Minister Najib Razak's personal bank accounts as they are educated and experienced. 

"They already know all about that. 

"They're more interested in things like how the money collected from taxes is being used," he said at a ceramah. 

Syed Shahir says Shah Alam residents aren't interested in 1MDB.

11:32 PM

Opposition to push for by-election in Rantau

PKR’s Aminuddin Harun said the opposition will push for a by-election in Rantau after Dr Streram Sinnasamy was refused entry to file his nomination papers.

Aminuddin, who is contesting the Sikamat state seat, slammed the EC’s treatment of Stretam.

“It’s unfair because he had submitted his application and paid for the deposit,” he told a ceramah tonight.

Streram was refused entry for not having a candidate pass issued by the EC. BN candidate Mohamad Hasan, the Negeri Sembilan MB, was returned unopposed due to the incident.

PKR's Aminuddin Harun speaks at a ceramah in Rasah.

11:10 PM

Missing: 1 MCA opponent, says DAP's Kulasegaran

DAP's Ipoh Barat incumbent M Kulasegaran says he is looking for his opponent from MCA, Cheng Wei Yee. 

"I told my opponent on nomination day to attend an event with me to debate on issues together.

"I even sent him a WhatsApp to come, and the organiser waited for him but he didn't show up.

"Has anyone seen him? I have asked some journalists if they have seen him and even they have not heard from MCA. Why is MCA afraid of debating with DAP?"

11:08 PM

MCA's Tang ready to be 'giant killer' in Air Putih

Bukit Bendera MCA chief Tang Heap Seng says he is ready to take on DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng in his state seat of Air Putih.

Tang said he was well equipped and had the experience to fix the "mess" left by Lim in the area.

"I wasn't disappointed to be fielded against Lim. I was happy that I might have a chance to be a giant killer. I believe I can be a giant killer, so you (BN members) must believe it too," he said. 

10:56 PM

Mukhriz has no team or support in Jerlun, says Umno

Umno’s Othman Aziz claims PPBM deputy president Mukhriz Mahathir will not be able to serve well in the Jerlun parliamentary constituency in Kedah as he lacks a team and a proper support structure there.

Othman, who is defending the seat, said BN was not worried about the challenge from Mukhriz despite him being a "big name".

He added that BN's efforts for GE14 in the area were not due to fear over Mukhriz.

"This is something we have to do in any election."

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10:39 PM

DAP: RM140 million on roads in Buntong, but sure doesn't look like it

DAP's Buntong incumbent A Sivasubramaniam today claimed Perak MB Zambry Abd Kadir had avoided questions in the state assembly on road works in the area amounting to RM140 million over the past five years.

"The state claimed it had spent RM140 million on the roads here but look at the condition of the roads – has it been done?

"In the state assembly, I asked Zambry about the cost and the contractor, but he threw my questions out and didn't answer them," he said at a ceramah in Buntong. 

10:26 PM

Struggle for Sabah rights not opposition's alone, says Salleh

Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak says the struggle for the rights of Sabahans does not belong to the opposition alone but to all the people of Sabah. 

"To us in BN, it is the people who determine it. Whatever was agreed when we formed Malaysia must be abided by because that is the struggle of the Sabah people," he said at a meet-the-people programme today.

He also repeated the assurance given by Prime Minister Najib Razak that any right which had been taken away from the people of Sabah would be returned. 

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10:05 PM

DAP to MIC: Explain why Bangladeshis and Indonesians get ICs

DAP's Buntong incumbent A Sivasubramaniam claims Bangladeshis and Indonesians can get blue ICs while some Indians in the country still have red ICs. 

Calling on MIC to explain this, he said it was time for the Indians to wake up.

"We have been independent for 60 years, but still some Indians have no ICs, citizenship or birth certificates. 

"What has DPM Zahid Hamidi done in the last 10 years? MIC has been sleeping and the party is voiceless, which is why Indians still suffer in the country," he said at a ceramah today. 

9:58 PM

DAP slams Jamal's RM2,000 offer for fishermen

DAP today slammed Jamal Yunos for promising to pay every fishermen RM2,000 if BN wins in Sekinchan, adding that it was against the law under the Election Offences Act.

"This is a blatant form of vote buying," its incumbent, DAP's Ng Suee Lim said when asked to comment about the offer by the Sungai Besar Umno division chief at an event with fishermen. 

Ng said he will lodge a police report and also the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

9:52 PM

Najib slams opposition for remarks on Telugu banner

Prime Minister Najib Razak has hit out at the opposition for making a slanderous remark about a BN election campaign banner in the Telugu language in Bagan Datuk, Perak.

"We live in multiracial Malaysia and the Telugus make up one of the communities and that’s their language (on the banner). #SlanderTsunami," he said on Twitter.

He was commenting on a post in a Facebook account today of a picture of a banner and a caption claiming that it was printed in the Bangladeshi and Vietnamese languages, and purportedly linking it to GE14.

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An example of banners written in Telugu in Bagan Datuk, Perak. (Facebook pic)

9:25 PM

Show us proof millionaire funding BN, Wee tells Liew

Johor MCA chairman Wee Ka Siong today challenged Liew Chin Tong to furnish evidence that a millionaire was funding the BN as the latter had alleged. 

The minister in the prime minister's department said if Liew, who is the Johor DAP chairman, fails to do so, he should make an open apology.

"This is a nonsensical and irresponsible allegation from Liew," he said.

MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong (second from left) at a press conference.

9:17 PM

Indians angered by Streram’s barring, says PKR

Rafizi Ramli insists that the EC's move to bar PKR’s Dr S Streram from contesting in GE14 will anger many voters in Rantau, especially from among the Indian community.

The PKR vice-president said Streram, an aspirant for the Rantau state seat in Negeri Sembilan, had been going to the ground and helping the people for the past two years.

"He has served the constituents in Rantau which has among the highest Indian voters in the country," Rafizi said at a press conference here today.

8:01 PM

DAP claims Ipoh land for 2 schools changed to commercial status

Incumbent Bercham DAP assemblyman Cheong Chee Khing has hit out at the Ipoh City Council (MBI) for going back on a promise to build two new schools in Bercham and Tambun.

He said the state had promised that two pieces of land would be used to build these schools — one a secondary national school in Tambun and the other a Chinese school in Bercham.

“They had agreed to this after I had brought this matter up in the state assembly during my time as an assemblyman here.

“But I have recently received information that the status of the land has been changed to commercial use. This means no schools can be built on it.

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Ipoh Barat DAP candidate M Kulasegaran and Bercham incumbent assemblyman Cheong Chee Khing want Perak government to explain the change in status of the land, earlier earmarked for schools.

7:58 PM

Mahathir’s photo can be displayed as campaign material, says PH lawyer

Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s lawyer today insisted that the former prime minister’s photo can be used in the on-going campaign as the opposition has picked him as their leader should they win power at the federal level.

Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla said there was also no provision in the election law to stop displaying Mahathir pictures in any form.

“The main manifesto of Pakatan Harapan states that Dr Mahathir will be the prime minister if it captures Putrajaya, as announced on Jan 7,” he told a press conference.

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7:53 PM

PKR man gives EC until Wednesday to include him as Rantau candidate

A PKR candidate, who was refused entry to the nomination centre to file his papers, has issued a deadline to the Election Commission (EC) to include him as a candidate for the Rantau state seat.

Dr Streram Sinnasamy said he had sent a letter of demand to the EC today and had given the commission until Wednesday evening to comply with his request.

The letter was sent to the EC headquarters in Putrajaya and the Negeri Sembilan branch office in Seremban.

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Dr Streram Sinnasamy was denied entry into the nomination centre as he did not have a EC pass.