11:55 PM

Vote PH and you will have money, food and girlfriend, says Nga in Tamil

DAP Perak chief Nga Kor Ming has been practising his Tamil in recent months to ensure the Indian community gets his message loud and clear.

"My message is that if you vote BN you won't have money, you won't have food and you won't have a girlfriend.

"But if you vote Pakatan Harapan, you will have money, you will have food and you will have a girlfriend. Ubah! Ini kali lah," he said jokingly. 

Nga Kor Ming reaches out to Indian voters.

11:51 PM

Politics of hate not my style, says Nga

DAP Perak chief Nga Kor Ming has denied claims he is practising politics of hate, saying he was conveying a message for reforms.

"I know I'm not perfect, I know not everyone likes my style, but I know many like to hear me speak."

Nga also said he never made personal attacks, but only made criticisms based on policies and issues.

11:47 PM

Mat Sabu denies 'outsider' tag

Amanah's Kota Raja candidate Mohamad Sabu, who is better known as Mat Sabu, has dismissed the notion that he is an outsider vying for a parliamentary seat in Selangor.

At a ceramah in Shah Alam today, he said he had been living in Selangor since the 1980s.

"I started living in Seksyen 11 with my family since my first child was born in the 1980s.

"I have been contesting all around the country since 1982, and that's why you seldom see my face here unless you catch me at Restoran Khulafah when I'm around."

He also expressed his gratitude to Nik Omar, the son of the late PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat, who had joined Amanah and would be contesting the Cempaka state seat in Kelantan.

Mat Sabu said he had been living in Selangor since the 1980s.

11:38 PM

Removing BN only way to bring prices down, says Hadi

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang says the people's only option to bring down the prices of goods is to deny BN in the polls.

"If we want to ensure the prices of goods drop, we must remove the present BN government," he said in a ceramah in Marang, Terengganu.

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang (third from left) at a ceramah in Marang.

11:31 PM

PKR's Ampang candidate urges youth to join politics

PKR’s Zuraidah Kamaruddin has called on the youth to get involved in politics.

“Why do politics always have to be linked with older people? What is the difference between the youth and the older generation?

“Why are the youth not interested in politics? Because they think politics is dirty.

“Politics is not dirty, the ones that are dirty are the irresponsible leaders,” she said in Kampung Tasik Tambahan.

Zuraidah is contesting for the third time in the Ampang parliamentary seat against MCA’s Leong Kim Soon, PAS’s Nurul Islam Mohamed Yusoff and PRM’s Tan Hua Meng.

PKR’s Zuraidah Kamaruddin said politics is not dirty.

11:26 PM

Haniza out to educate voters on PKR, PAS separation

PKR’s Haniza Mohamed Talha says her main challenge is to educate the voters on the difference between PKR and PAS.

The two-term MP for Taman Medan, who is now a candidate for the Lembah Jaya state seat, said many people thought that PKR and PAS were still together.

“They think that a vote for PAS is a vote for PKR. So, they have the tendency to cast the ballot for PAS.

“It is my job to tell the people that PKR is no longer with PAS,” she said.

Haniza will be contesting against PAS’s Khasim Abdul Aziz, PRM’s Norizwan Mohamed and BN’s Muhamad Nizam Shith.

PKR’s Haniza Mohamed Talha said some voters still thought that a vote for PAS was a vote for PKR.

11:23 PM

Video: GE14's youngest candidate too has supporters

A campaign video by Parabakaran Parameswaran, the 22-year-old independent candidate for Batu who is also the youngest candidate this general election.

11:18 PM

BN deploys former DAP man for Kota Kinabalu

The Kota Kinabalu parliamentary constituency is set for an intriguing battle as BN has tasked a former DAP man to wrest the seat from the party which has held it for a decade.

Dr Joseph Lee Han Kyun, currently with Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS), had unsuccessfully contested the Putatan federal seat for DAP in the last general election in May 2013.

The doctor is now engaged in a three-cornered fight against Sabah DAP secretary Chan Foong Hin and Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) president and former chief minister Yong Teck Lee.

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11:13 PM

My brother-in-law is a traitor, says Pairin

Veteran politician and Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) president Joseph Pairin Kitingan has labelled his brother-in-law, Justin Alip, a traitor for deciding to challenge his hold on the Tambunan state seat as a Parti Warisan Sabah candidate.

“I don’t like him (Alip) as he doesn’t consider me as a friend any more … because he betrayed me and Parti Bersatu Sabah which always took good care of him,” the Sabah deputy chief minister said.

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Brothers Pairin (right) and Jeffrey (2nd right) stand together outside the nomination centre in Tambunan. With them is brother-in-law Alip (left).

10:56 PM

Are there 30 voters aged 110 in Batu Tiga?

PKR's candidate for the Batu Tiga state seat, Roziah Ismail, has urged voters not to take the election lightly and to come out and vote.

At a ceramah in Shah Alam, she said her office has been gathering data of "suspicious" voters in Batu Tiga.

Among these are 30 110-year-old voters.

"For the 10 years that I've been staying here, I've never met these 110-year-olds. And we haven't even finished gathering all the data.

"This election will be about numbers. To balance the numbers we need voters to come out," she said, promising to build a mosque in Seksyen 20, Shah Alam, due to the rising number of residents in the area.

Roziah Ismail urged people to come out and vote.

10:54 PM

Rasah candidate takes EC to task over special pass

DAP’s candidate for Rasah Cha Kee Chin alleged that the EC only informed him about a special pass - which allows candidates into the nomination centre - late Friday evening.

Kee said he only got the pass at 9pm and questioned the commission as to why they were not informed about it earlier. 

DAP’s Cha Kee Chin speaks to a crowd at a ceramah in Temiang.

10:48 PM

Student loan defaulters will not be blacklisted if PH wins, says Yaakob 

PKR's incumbent Kota Anggerik assemblyman Yaakob Sapari has promised at a ceramah in Shah Alam that if PH is given the mandate, the coalition will remove the blacklist on those who failed to pay back their student loans.

"Our country is rich but our youth are in debt. How can they pay their debts when they don't even have jobs?"

Yaakob is replaced in GE14 by 33-year-old Najwan Halimi.

Najwan was a former special officer to Anwar Ibrahim. He was one of the defence witnesses called by the High Court in Anwar's second sodomy trial.

10:33 PM

Glove factory in Teluk Intan to provide 1,000 jobs

A glove factory, which is set to open in Teluk Intan, is expected to create 1,000 job opportunities.

Teluk Intan incumbent Mah Siew Keong said the vacancies ranged from factory workers to engineers.

“Our aim is to ensure that the youths do not need to leave Teluk Intan and go to Ipoh or Kuala Lumpur to find jobs,” the Gerakan president said.

10:29 PM

PAS may make it harder for BN in Teluk Intan, says Mah 

Teluk Intan incumbent Mah Siew Keong said the three-cornered fight in the parliamentary constituency may make it harder for BN to win. 

The Gerakan president said it had always been a straight fight between BN and DAP but now, the coalition would also have to take PAS into consideration. 

“You see we cannot judge based on the by-election in 2014 because in the last general election, we lost by 7,131 votes. 

“However, we hope this election will reflect the amount of work we have put in over the last few years and I believe that we have a fighting chance,” he said. 

The Teluk Intan seat is also being contested by Pakatan’s Nga Kor Ming and PAS’ Dr Ahmad Ramadzan Ahmad Daud.

10:14 PM

Mah promises RM1 mil cultural centre for Indians 

BN incumbent Mah Siew Keong announced today that the work for an Indian cultural centre in Teluk Intan, Perak, is in progress. 

“The proposal has been sent in and we know it’s going to cost RM1 million. 

“We hope this will work towards helping the cultural development of the Indian community here,” the Gerakan president said when met at the Chitrapournami festival.

Teluk Intan incumbent Mah Siew Keong with a huge garland at the Chitrapournami festival.

10:12 PM

Taiping's DAP candidate slams BN opponent over UTC pledge

DAP's Taiping candidate Teh Kok Lim has slammed his opponent, BN's Tan Keng Liang, over the latter's pledge to have an Urban Transformation Centre in the constituency.

"If Tan really wanted to bring a UTC to Taiping, he should have done it before the election. After all, he says he has been serving Taiping for three years.

"Instead, he puts it as part of his manifesto to attract votes because Gerakan is part of the government," he said at a ceramah in Kampung Jambu tonight.

10:07 PM

Emulate Indonesians and vote BN out, says Mastura

At a ceramah today, Shah Alam PPBM Srikandi chief Mastura Darby urged Malaysians to emulate Indonesians who voted out Partai Golongan Karya (Golkar) in the 1999 Indonesian election.

She said BN had ruled for far longer than Golkar and it was time to vote them out.

"Golkar served the country for a long time but when its leaders no longer served the people, the party was buried. BN, too, will be buried."

Shah Alam PPBM Srikandi chief Mastura Darby says it is time to replace BN.

9:59 PM

Musa reminds Sandakan fishermen of BN's track record

Sabah BN chairman and Sungai Sibuga state constituency candidate Musa Aman broke protocol to go to the ground and meet with some 200 fishermen at Kg Nelayan, Batu Putih in Sandakan. 

In his speech, he thanked those who came despite the short notice. He reminded them not to be easily swayed by the promises and rhetoric of the opposition and to continue supporting BN as the coalition had a good track record, especially in defending the rights of the people.

Musa Aman meets with fishermen in Sandakan.

Musa Aman reminds fishermen in Sandakan to continue voting for BN.

9:53 PM

Praying does not guarantee victory, Kula tells Subra 

PKR's Ipoh Barat candidate M Kulasegaran has mocked MIC president and Segamat BN candidate Dr S Subramaniam for saying that he was praying to a powerful "sami" (Hindu priest) to guarantee his victory and ensure PH candidates are unable to talk at ceramah events.

"I am here talking at a ceramah now, so let me tell Subra that praying to 'sami' does not guarantee you victory.

"PH helps the people and this is what gets you victory. When you want something you have to work hard for it. You can't just pray for it to happen. 

"We come to the ceramah with nothing to give but instead we ask the people to give to us. This gives us the confidence that we will be able to change the government," Kulasegaran said

9:37 PM

Najib thanks workers, security forces involved in nomination day

Prime Minister Najib Razak expressed his gratitude and thanks to the election workers and security forces personnel involved in the nomination day today.

He said they had indeed succeeded in ensuring that the nomination process for the GE14 ran smoothly and peacefully.

"Thank you to all the policemen, Rela members and all election workers involved in ensuring that the nomination process for the GE14 ran smoothly and peacefully across the country.

"I hope this situation will continue throughout the campaigning period, Insya-Allah. #HebatkanNegaraku," he posted on Twitter.